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Instantly Make Your Lips Fuller

Posted on January 02 2017

Make your Lips plumperMany women desire to have fuller lips because lets face it, fuller lips are sexy. There are several ways to obtain fuller lips as we all know some are more drastic than others. An expensive trip to a plastic surgeons office is a common way to get fast results. Unfortunately, all results from plastic surgery procedures are not desirable. Kylie Jenner's implant looks great but she also has access to some of the best plastic surgeons on the planet. Click on link above to see her lip evolution.

Many permanent procedures leave patients looking unnatural. For a less invasive procedure patients are selecting injections. Injections are being administered on many lips through out the world, some giving great results. Though lip injections are not as permanent as a lip implant, lip injections do come with some risk. The most common side effect of lip injections come when if you decide not to continue with the injections. Like a balloon, once inflated, lips can look distorted and awkward after the injections are worn off.

For less invasive techniques that does give some gratification for plumper looking lips try a few of these tricks.

Too Faced Lip Injection- This product according to reviews works well. There are similar products on the market, but Too Faced comes up as a must try.

Product information: A lip plumper for immediate satisfaction and long-term results. This is a day and night use serum that will become part of your daily routine. The tingling sensation tells you it's working and lips appear full and pouty from your very first application and plumper overall, overtime. It glides on as a clear gloss with light reflecting shine and supreme moisture.

More To Love:

  • A revolutionary lip plumping formula that also hydrates and nourishes, the long-lasting effects of Lip Injection Extreme are created via our unique "20-40-60 Boost" breakthrough technology
  • Marine Sponge: Adds the appearance of up to 20% more volume while moisturizing lips
  • Collagen Booster: Increases collagen to plump lips up to 40% fuller, while increasing lip moisture up to 60% long-term
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paraben-free

Do It Yourself- Try mixing fined grained coffee beans with menthol topical gel. According to some, this combination wakes up the nerves making the blood rush to the area. Be careful, this combination may not be suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. We suggest doing a tester on a small part of your lip before going all the way.

Over Line Your Lip-  All you need is lip liner! This is a common and desirable makeup trick. It only takes time and practice. Before you know it you will have lips that look much bigger than they really are. Using makeup to give the illusion of plumper lips. See this Youtube video on how to perfect this technique.



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