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Applying and Removing Face Glitter Makeup

Posted on January 04 2017

Glitter creations will glam up your face and add in creating a wow factor in an overall look. Before applying this sticking hump of fairy dust that we call glitter, be sure to purchase glitter that is meant for face makeup. Not using the proper glitter could result in eye injuries and rashes.  Some of our favorite glitter face makeup are these products by MAC or NYX Face and body glitter or Dust and Dance.

festive glitter eye makeup

Getting your creations just right and making that glitter stick all night may take some practice. You can follow some tricks from the professionals by first drawing the design on your face with a fine point eyeliner. Then take an adhesive (eyelash glue, mustache glue) , or even Vaseline to help in keeping the glitter in place. 

Removing Glitter Face Makeup

Now that you’ve spread your fairy dust and magic all night long you are probably interested in how to remove this sticky creation. Glitter is known as the herpes of crafts because it sticks to whatever touches it. Taking off the glitter is not as easy as just washing your face. Start by putting your hair back and using tape to take off as much of the makeup as you can. Surgical tape is best but we have known scotch tape to do the job. To remove the glitter from clothing try a sticky lent roller. After you have rolled your little heart out, go for some aerosol hairspray, spray where the glitter is, let dry and then wash separate (soak in bucket and wash by hand if the glitter is extreme).

Now go ahead and be the glitter fairy that spreads her dust on everything it touches.



Photo credit: CATPARNELL. Photo:@silviaievadee. Styling: @kwstyling. Makeup: @catparnell using @maccosmeticsuk and @dustanddance. Hair: @mitikondo Model: @luisalaemmel @elite_london.



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