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How To Get Sexy Eyes

Posted on January 03 2017

Eyeliner trends for sexy eyes

Make a statement without saying a word. Let your eyes SMEYES with these make up techniques. First, start with the color palette. Decide if you are going to capture colors in your outfit or go with tones that are neutral to your skin complexion. Next, use glitter for night and matte for daytime. This is not a rule, but daytime makeup looks better when more natural. Starting with the lower part of the eye lid apply your eyeshadow (typically lighter or the most dominant color). In your lid crease apply a darker eyeshadow. Most commonly used colors are browns, shades of black, and darker blues and purples. If you are going for a cat eye, extend the eyeshadow just the lid crease but not past the tail of your eyebrow.

Eyeliner is the holy grail of eye makeup. The way it is applied will ultimately determine the shape and cohesiveness of the look. Use a fine tip pen to apply liquid eyeliner on your upper lid. It is the easiest way to apply and gives your hand more stability. Trace as closely as possible to the base of your eyelashes with a thinner line. To create a shape start to thicken the liner towards the tail end of your natural eye shape. I prefer not to thicken the line before the middle part of the center of my eyeball.  Black eyeliner can be used anytime, however, for a natural day look, try brown eyeliners. Even for darker skin tones, a lighter brown will give your eyes definition and help create shape.

Special occasion make up or night time tips:

  1. Go heavy on the lower lid with color, glitter or both.
  2. Use black eyeliner for definition.
  3. Add some lashes. The individual lashes are less of a commitment and you only need a few to make a big difference.

Click on these links for more details on how to apply eye makeup.

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