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Elegantly Braided Glamour Hairstyles

Posted on December 17 2016

Discover the beauty in braids.  Pelerossi, a hair designer in Florida, shows us just how braids can be creative, elegant and beautiful.

braided glamour romatic hair designs by Pel

Hairstyles that are so romantic these creations will bring to mind an old love story. However, these styles though romantic are very modern. Creating a flexible braid that can be manipulated and made into a crown or an elegant up do can change the way you think of styling your locks. These braided tresses may seem like an easy creation for the skilled braid maker, but creating these styles does take some practice.

When attempting to find your braided hairstyle to wear, start by looking for styles that will best complement the shape of your face. Finding styles should be easy due to the abundance of choices, some very common, and some complex and intricate. All styles can be refined and adjusted to fit your exact requirements many times making the style a one of a kind look. 

A braid formed hairstyle, for any occasion, will have a unique outcome and will be remembered. If you do decide to create your own braided style be prepared to have many takes before you accomplish your exact sought after look.  A hair creation using a braid will have your imagination going full speed.

Rope Braid                                                                                                                                

rope braidThis rope braided hairstyle is a favorite with our staff, we all envisioned ourselves wearing this style at some point. When I first saw this style created by Pelerossi, my thought was that I could do this braided style for a music festival.  I wanted that modern day hippie vibe. I consider myself to be pretty good at braiding and styling my own locks.  However, after several attempts of this style, I quickly realized that creating a braided hairstyle to perfection does take a level of skill, practice and time.  This is not a quick up do initially. As simple as any of these styles may appear, it might take at least two attempts for the professionals. For the semi pro's and under it can take numerous attempts to finally master a braided blend hairstyle. 

The versatility of Pelerossi's creations is endless. Pelerossi's designs are gracefully polished and durable to withstand a full 24 hour life span. The designs are a beautiful manifestation of small braids, fat chunky braids and braid sizes that are in between.  All of these variations are used to create a special unique hairstyle.

inverted fishtail elegant braid



face frame braided hairstylehigh braid up do




braided heart design hairstyleVisit Pelerossi's Instagram to see all of her creations and get some inspiration. If you are in Florida, or plan on going, make an appointment with Pelerossi.   Do not forget to take pictures and share your new style on Instagram. 









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