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A Sexy Wrap Sweater Dress Styled In 5 Different Ways

Posted on August 14 2016

The Everything Wrap Dress!

cream wrap sweater dress 10 ways to style

This beautiful and sexy wrap dress will have your styling mind put to ease because this dress is so easy to style. Here are 5 fashion tips on different ways to style a wrap dress.

The wrap dress at Posh Box Clothing capitalizes on the duality of a work and play garment. In the generation of the working woman having the ability to look amazing at work and after work without the need to change is highly sought after. In the above image this is the perfect example of styling a wrap sweater dress for an active work day and a fun night.

Wrap Sweater Dress Styled With Luxury

styling a wrap sweater dress for work and after work

What an easy way to look fabulous, right?  I know... you're welcome. These are easy to find items that can make your wrap sweater dress look so polished and effortlessly chic. This is a classic look that keeps the styling at a minimal. It is a simple but fashionable way to dress. A classic leather jacket with black platform classic pumps to pair with a timeless wrap dress makes the perfect overall look.

How To Wear Your Wrap Sweater Dress In The Early Fall or Late Spring

sexy wrap dress with styling tips

When you wear our wrap sweater dress during the transitional time of the season it will be easy to style. Dresses with this kind of flexibility are considered a smart design, saving you money in the long run.  Purchasing classic pieces that are multi functional is a smart way to shop. During the time of year when the climate is just starting to show some change in the weather, this dress is very suitable. The textile is light enough to breath in the early spring and also warm enough to wear in the early fall and winter. Pair the dress with a light trench coat and some dark green open toe snake skin shoes for a comfortable yet stunning look during the spring and early fall season.

Styling A Wrap Dress To Be Youthful and Fun

fun ways to style a wrap dress

When designers make styling decisions like putting lace with leather it’s a playful and out of the box way of thinking. In many cases such designs create the vagary in fashion which then influences other designers.  The idea about textiles and designs that normally would not go together can actually be totally cohesive. Many consumers can make these same fashion decisions within their own wardrobe. If you pair leather pants with a lace bodysuit the result will be a play on hard against soft. In this image we are taking a short denim jacket which is very casual and paired it with our wrap dress. The look of this outfit is youthful and fun. This style would be perfect for an arena sporting event, drinks at a sports bar, a night of playing pool and so much more.  

Contrast Styling With Textile and Colors

contrast styling

Show your level of style and taste using accessories to make fashion statements. Take a classic piece, in this case the wrap sweater dress and pair it with bold, luxurious and rich accessories. The contrast of a beige dress against rich cognac brown will make everything pop. Matching your accessories correctly is important because if the colors are not cohesive it will appear too busy.


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