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Sexiest Top Ever

Posted on February 28 2016

This is a long time fashion secret of how you can instantly add shape and obtain a slimming silhouette with a well constructed top.

Upgrade your closet while making your body look awesome. When you need to hide a small belly bulge, slim your waist line or push up your chest individually or all at once, we have the solution for you. This isn’t a new gimmick but an actual very old and in some cultures traditional design. Dating as far back as 2000 BC., this design using boning and in the past metal, to hold and shape the body is tried and true. The structured garment can make any woman appear shapely and take inches off your waist while lifting and shaping the breast. Did we mention it also helps with back support and posture strengthening.

Think Victorian and old European… can you guess? Well, don’t worry we have all of what you need to know and where to find it right here. It’s the Corset! That’s right, a Corset is the miracle shaping go to top for casual and formal attire. What makes it even cooler is that we have Corsets NOW at Posh Box Clothing for under $40.00. If you need to attend a fancy dinner or formal party, like a wedding, you can pair our corset with a long skirt and voila you are formal and fit. You can also make a corset very casual with a pair of jeans or skinny pants and look amazing.

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Our Corsets at Posh Box Clothing is a comfortable wear that holds and lifts in the right places without making you uncomfortable. There are many Corsets on the market but finding the right one is important. Corsets can have lace up ties in the back which typically need some assistance getting on. The adjustable tie Corsets can cause difficulty in breathing because most people tie the Corset too tight. This can restrict lung function causing lack of oxygen and passing out. Corset with ties can ultimately be uncomfortable or ties that are too tight can damage the garment.

Corsets at Posh Box Clothing makes wearing a Corset easy. You do not have to worry of a too tight Corset because they are designed with smock spandex. No ties to adjust and pull on or accidentally make too tight. The smock spandex allows up to 5 inches of stretch naturally keeping a great fit during the entire time you wear the Corset.

See our collection of Corsets that will make you want one in every color.


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