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Travel In Style Tips - Fashion

Posted on October 13 2015

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Going through the airport during the holidays can be stressful for some travelers. If you're seeking comfort and style while bustling through airport security lines and waiting at the gate we have some easy to follow traveling fashion trends.  These trends are not for the ladies who wear 4 inch heels at the airport.

Traveling style fashion trends are for those who enjoy the journey to the next destination. Showing up in style no matter the jet lag or foreign time zone but with practical sense. Comfortable shoes, natural fiber clothing like cotton (in case of an emergency), layered pieces for the sudden temperature changes and proper coverage for sanitary reasons (an airport is a public place).

Some of these simple stylish travel tips will have you setting trends as you jet set to your next destination.

Travel Styles and Outfit Quick Tips

I typically like to travel in pants unless its a short (under 2 hour) flight and even then I prefer pants.

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Quick tip- Easy to wash and wear clothes are best. Many germs are transferred from airplanes and not only the airborne kind.  Did you know bedbugs are very much alive and ready to jump onto you to be carried to your bed where they will wreck havoc on your life? Did you know bedbugs are commonly found on airplanes? For this reason and some others I like to wear clothes that I can take off and put directly into the washing machine. Here are some tips on how to manage if you ever see a bed bug on your luggage our on you after traveling (bed bug care).

 It is wise not to wear too tight of a fit clothes when traveling long distances. My first reason is for comfort but even more importantly there can also be health reasons. Tight clothes can start to restrict blood circulation. Possibly increasing your chances of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis. I prefer a fitted pair of cotton pants that are not super tight. They don't wrinkle as much like a very loose fit.  Fitted cotton pants never disappoints and there will be no compromise on style while getting through the airport.  You can expect to be arriving to your destination looking chic.

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 These cotton jackets are great for traveling.

Shoes: Boots (under 3 inch heel), sneakers, loafers, ballerina flats.

Accessories: Hat, scarf (bigger the better), nice pop of color hand bag (bigger the better to put all travel essentials in).

Make up: As little as possible especially on the eyes. Mascara does wonders!

Safe Travels!



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