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Womens Business Attire Fashion

Posted on October 08 2015

Posh Box Clothing

Having a work wardrobe can make your day a little easier to head to the office, a meeting or where ever your professional life may take you. Clothes that look professional but still remain stylish and comfortable sounds simple but isn't always easy to execute for many professionals. The ability to get dressed quickly can help eliminate stress. Studies have shown when an individual feels confident and looks professional in appearance, productivity is heightened. See this article from Forbes Woman .

Looking professional does not mean expensive clothes that break your budget. It simply means selecting clothes that are office appropriate. Clothing that translates into a professional look. Typically not too extreme in any way, like not too short, not too low cut and basically maintaining a balance.

The Fall/Winter collection at Posh Box Clothing includes affordable and stylish women's clothes that can effortlessly translate into office business attire. These garments can be easily paired within the collection or in addition to your existing wardrobe.

Work/Business Attire Color Trends

Business attire, especially for women, is ever evolving. For a woman in the work place having an easy to wear but professional attire can have a big range, far greater than in men's fashion.  If you are just out of school and starting to develop a professional wardrobe it is good practice to stay within colors that complement each other.  It is believed that dark colors like Navy, Black, Grey and Olive are often associated with professionalism, authority, leadership, confidence and success. For that reason it is suggested to wear darker colors for job interviews. Lawyers also tend to wear darker color business suits.  However, with so many different type of industries forming, professionals today are starting to experiment with more colors.

New styles for women in the work place.


This pastel colored suit is a fine example of how women can keep their femininity in the work place. As women we do not need to imitate a man to be taken seriously in the work place.  If you like soft colors and do not feel comfortable in a grey pinstripe masculine suit, you have so many other options.





Professional Dresses

 cream beige sweater wrap dressRed sweater wrap dress

Slip into one of these easy to wear sweater wrap dresses at Posh Box Clothing and make it easy to look professional and business ready. Women can be considered professionally dressed in a dress, the alternative to a masculine suit.

The history of women in the work place has truly evolved. More women today than any other time in history have high powered positions and today's females are of an entrepreneurial culture. Our fashion in the work place is changing to become more fitting to our personalities. There are more options available today than the masculine over sized blazers and sagging trousers from the 80's to the more recent fitted suit trends. Women have proven themselves in the workforce and beyond and should feel comfortable in their own skin. Wear your flower printed pretty spring dress to a meeting, why not. When you feel pretty you are more productive.

 Come shop at Posh Box Clothing NOW.





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