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Cute Work Dresses

Posted on September 23 2015

_MG_1496copyWe understand the lifestyle of an active career lady on the go and we love to dress her. On the days when it matters how you feel about the way that you look, we can make the getting dressed part easy. Posh Box Clothing has stylish work dresses for business professionals. You can pick up a few cute dresses for business lunch meetings, everyday office wear and job interviews.  Posh Box Clothing's dresses for work and business affairs conveniently gives you easy to wear business attire.

Red sweater wrap dresscream beige sweater wrap dress

At Posh Box Clothing purchasing our clothes is a versatile experience which transitions from the office to a dinner party, from air travel to a business meeting, or where ever your days may take you. Our designs cater to the busy but fun professional woman who works to live and not live to work. You will look professional in the office but also sophisticated while outside of the work place. This is the balance that Posh Box Clothing can give the active professional woman with our stylish work dresses.

Black bib cashmere dressQuick Tips On Balancing Your Wardrobe

Shopping for garments to incorporate into your work wardrobe takes a balance. If your goal is to have an interchangeable wardrobe between professional and other activities then try to keep an open mind. Do not be afraid to mix different combinations of styles, we like to call this cross styling. Cross styling broadens your wardrobe instantly. Items that you never thought to wear to your office can suddenly morph into professionally stylish outfits. The easiest way to maintain a balance is to buy clothing that relate to each other using color palettes.


Some techniques that I use are simple. I really like earth tones, so when I shop I tend to gravitate towards those colors like greens, soft yellows, camel color, etc. These colors are easy to wear into any office setting including the super professional offices like law and accounting firms. The earth tones also make it easy to incorporate brighter colors like shades of red, purple and pink into your wardrobe. For example, a pink dress would look fantastic with a grey blazer in terms of color. However, the styles have to also balance each other.

Selecting styles that are interchangeable is quasi simple. Common sense has to take precedence. It is common knowledge that very short skirts and low cut garments should not be worn into a professional office setting. With that being said, it does not mean that sexy clothes can't be worn to a professional office. For example, a fitted sexy dress that is not more than three inches above the knee or low cut on the chest can be worn with a blazer paired with low heels, bootie or flats.

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