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International Fashion Street Style and Trends

Posted on May 11 2016

Seeing fashion from a street perspective is one of my favorite things. When you live in a big city like Los Angeles, New York, London or Paris the people watching is phenomenal. The current trends and overall feel of a city comes through intensely from the people. Getting a raw up close and personal view of what just flows is empowering as a designer. In Italy, I recall immediately noticing that the cool youthful crowd were all wearing over sized mirror sunglasses. It was from that point I realized that cultural information is expressed through fashion, even in modern times.  

This summer in Los Angeles the streets are talking trends!

 celebrity street fashion from hollywood

Cut out sexy dresses, plunge neck dresses both short and long are all on trend in Los Angeles. Long open front cardigans that are light in weight is a must. Wear your long cardigan over one of these sexy short dresses from Posh Box Clothing to balance the look. If you are a hat type of gal you can polish this look off with a sexy hat and sunglasses for a great day look.

When I travel the last thing I want to look like is a tourist, even when I am. It is my calling to have a fresh look and stand out in a way that says world traveling trend setter. Fashion is a universal language so classic pieces will show good taste no matter where you are on the globe. New York and London are by far hosting a large number of world travelers. On a recent trip this spring in New York, the street fashion screamed comfort.

new york street fashion style

New York streets host a lot of different kind of fashion styles. When I travel I like to wear items that easily transition from day to night and has a large range of flexibility for me to feel comfortable but still stylish. With a change of shoes these dresses can go from day to night. When in New York a change of shoes is a necessity. Even with car service, walking is just part of the lifestyle.

The street style fashion in London was saying low key day time wear.

london street style

London is a fast moving city with many people living there from all over the world. Like New York, there is a lot of walking and movement in the city. Comfort with some edge will give you a cute London look. During the spring and summer seasons, cute comfy dresses with low combat boots or booties and a wide range of denim wear are common.

Street styles all over the world seem to have more in common these days since the introduction of online shopping. Fashion changes with each changing season so keep up and shop with us at Posh Box Clothing.


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