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What Spring Styles NOT To Wear

Posted on March 14 2017

Transitioning from warm sweaters into light weight clothes is inevitable as the weather gets warmer. The change in fashion from one season to the next can have you eager to go out and change up last years wardrobe. Our staff has taken the time to collectively cast votes on some new trends. These are designs and textiles that majority voted should either be avoided or worn with caution.

Spring fashion to be avoided-

Bright Neon Colors

neon dress for spring 2017

Based on the runway shows, this spring expect to see some really cute neon textiles.  We could not deny that some of the designs made from these bright neon textiles were super cute. If you find yourself purchasing any neon pieces here is some advice. A neon garment should not be matched with other neon garments. For example, orange neon skirt with yellow neon top. Pair neon textiles with denim, solid colors like white or a floral print. You do not want your new neon fashion to be styled like a 1980's fashion faux pas.

Don't Over Accessorize

Our team all love floral crowns, necklaces, head chains, arm beads, chest and body chains, etc. You name it and there are at least two in the group who will sport one of these looks. However, know when to stop. If you have on a floral gown and decide to add a floral crown that is more than enough. If you add arm beads, necklaces and other pieces, that if worn alone can be in itself a statement piece, your look will become overdone with accessories. Too many accessories can make you look like you are trying too hard. If you are wearing a head chain let that be your statement piece. Pick and choose your accessories wisely. There are so many cute accessories to help bring your style to life but over doing it can confuse the eyes.

Maxi Dresses

We LOVE maxi dresses. However, when you wear a maxi dress you must consider some small details. If your maxi dress is too long on you, not only is that not flattering, but it can also be a tripping hazard. I have seen beautiful dresses ruined with mud, grime and dirt from sweeping the ground and floors (gross and unsanitary).

Ladies, if you can not afford a seamstress you can opt for a very easy DIY solution. HeatnBond is a no sew solution that only requires an iron.

What is the perfect length for a maxi dress? There is some debate on how long is too long. I am a germaphobe so I typically like my dress to hit at my ankle bone or just below. I like this length because it prevents my dress from dragging and helps with flexibility in my shoe selection. I cant always wear high heels, so if the dress hit at my ankle bone or just below, flats can still be worn. Of course, if you plan to wear your maxi dress with heels at all times, make the necessary adjustments (with the shoes on) and hem accordingly.

perfect lenght maxi dress tipsThere are so many videos on Youtube that demonstrates exactly, step by step, how to get that perfect length for your maxi dress. Take the time to get your maxi dress length fitted. If you are not comfortable with DIY projects find a friend who can do it for you.  A local dry cleaner may offer affordable tailoring services. Many dry cleaners are reasonably priced and will charge as low as $8.00.  

Here are some links!



Now go, shop and enjoy the new Spring looks.












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