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Create The Perfect Outfit In Under 30 Minutes

Posted on October 08 2018

Get Dressed Fast and Stress Free

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With a few easy steps you can enjoy looking fabulous in under 30 minutes. Adding key pieces to your wardrobe will help to expedite your style into fruition every time.

First start with an inventory of what is currently in your closet. Save time and money by familiarizing yourself with your wardrobe. Make sure to do this before adding pieces to your existing wardrobe.

Knowing what you need while out shopping can help control spontaneous purchases which can lead to a bad habit.  A frequent bad habit consumers make is to purchase items strikingly similar to items already owned.

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If you have a large wardrobe you should break it down into seasons. Simply separate the clothes that you have worn and would normally wear during the upcoming or current season. Try on garments that you decide to keep if you have not worn the item in over six months.

The objective is to add pieces that will enhance, modify and freshen up your current wardrobe. In some cases a complete redo is inevitable. On average, by simply adding some staple pieces you can revamp your wardrobe to give you just what you need.

What to shop for... TOPS!! Tops are so underrated. A good pair of jeans is worthless without the right top.

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Having a full gamut of tops is essential for a quick dress. Tops are the most flexible and versatile pieces in your wardrobe. You can match a top with a skirt and take that same top to pair with jeans and get a completely different result.

DRESSES, JUMPERS & ROMPERS are great when needing a one and done kind of outfit. When shopping for these items try finding designs that are flexible. For example, you should be able to wear at least 2 or more pairs of shoes with a garment. You should also be able to add items to it such as a jacket or scarf.


jean off the shoulder dressDENIM having a great pair of jeans is a must. If you can get like two or three pairs of great jeans that are in different shades. Do not just stop at jean pants, jean skirts are awesome. I suggest to get a long and a short jean skirt or maybe a fitted and a flair design. Denim jumpers are super stylish and come in so many designs and cuts. Denim dresses are also a hit for quick dressing.

OUTERWEAR & SHOES in colder climates these garments are like your outer shell. Most people will not even see what is underneath your outerwear. Choose wisely and be methodical. A few tips to consider when purchasing outerwear for quick dressing:

1. Solid color versus print.

2. How different lengths of coats changes your style.

3. Textiles. Leather, PU leather, Faux fur vs real fur, cotton, wool, etc.

My suggestion is to consider how your outerwear will fit into your wardrobe.

Once you have added these pieces to your wardrobe you can now focus more on hair and makeup and less on wondering what you are going to wear.

You can stop taking an hour or more to get dressed and start being ready in less than 30 minutes. 

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