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The Value In Accessories

Posted on November 13 2016

Accessory Assets

Rich City Girl Cream Sweater Wrap Dress and Boots

Accessories can bring value to your wardrobe instantly by making smart investments in key items. The task of revamping your look and the clothes in your closet should not always start with discarding old clothes.  In many cases your old clothes can get a fresh new look with some better accessories. Using good judgement while shopping for seasonal accessories will make an impact on all garments that you accompany them with. Let your accessories make an inexpensive garment look rich and luxurious.

It is wise to use a smaller budget on your wardrobe expense. Take a short cut on over spending on expensive garments. Especially when purchasing trendy items that may not be in style after a few years.  Cheaper, but well made garments, will be a better purchase.  However, have a bigger budget for shoes, handbags, jackets and items like scarfs and hats. These items are worn far more frequent and buying more expensive accessories will make a bigger and better overall improvement.

Purchase Smart Accessories

Smart choices like neutral colors that will likely go with many colors are smart investments. These items can be worn in the early fall in again during spring. Paying for quality items will prove beneficial for both holding up after many wears and keeping in style after many years.

beige suede strappy open toe bootiesnake skin jacket

Try mixing less expensive clothing pieces such as dresses and combine it with luxurious shoes and a well made jacket. This type of styling will help you save money and get a bigger bang for your shopping bucks. We took our hoodie dress and our V-neck  ribbed cotton dress for only $38.00 and put it together with luxurious suede booties and raincoat to make an expensive look.

suede ankle booties styled with dress


Cohesive Colors 

Selecting colors to make your look complete and functional is as important as the quality of the items. Be mindful while shopping for new accessories and consider how each new piece will fit into your overall look. Complete your look using silk or wool blended scarfs.

 silk scarfs



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