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Sweater Wrap Dress Must Have

Posted on January 02 2017

Black Sweater Wrap Dress

black sweater wrap dress

A perfect wrap sweater dress with an adjustable belt, why not get it in black. This dress is universal in its design.  The color black is definitely one of the easiest colors to wear, you will have yourself the perfect black dress. Pair this sweater wrap dress with a jean jacket for a casual look, or a leather jacket for a more edgy style. The styling of this dress is endless and timeless. Take the proper care while cleaning this dress and you will have it for years.

Sweater Wrap Dress in Red

sweater wrap dress in red

Posh Box Clothing has a sweater wrap dress that is a must have. This dress is both sexy and practical making it a desired garment to add to your wardrobe. A best seller and you will see why when you slip into it. Dressing in red can make a statement and is eye catching.  A garment in red can really pop and can be manipulated with other colors to create different looks and styles. Pair this adorable red wrap sweater dress with earth tone accessories or mix it with another bright color like a mustard pump.  Having a red dress that isn’t too sexy to wear to work but is sexy enough to wear on a date makes this sexy sweater wrap dress a win-win.


 Beige Sweater Wrap Dress

If you like creams and beige colors this dress is a must have for you. This cream wrap dress goes so perfectly when paired with earth tones like chocolate brown, greens and camel colors. Beige is also a great color to pair with bright colors like red, pink and fuchsia tones.

wrap sweater dress cream

Rich beige cream sweater wrap dress that will have you in love from the moment you put it on. A very comfortable sweater wrap dress designed to have a loser fit below the adjustable belt. This dress is made for a wide range of body types.

Posh Box Clothing designs are made for a variety of lifestyles with the common goal of looking effortlessly fashionable. We provide quality fabrics and craftsmanship all for a reasonable price. Check out our many dress styles at Posh Box Clothing.






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