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Body Jewelry Made With Natural Materials

Posted on January 14 2017

Body Chains

Add some flair to your swimsuit with a full body chain that is so sexy you wouldn’t want to wear your swimsuit without it. These sterling silver body chain designs from World Swimwear are made using natural materials.

sterling silver body chainBody chains can be worn over fitted dresses to make your dress standout. The body chain designs look great with a solid black dress or with crop tops. We also like to pair body chains with fitted tee's and jean shorts or a bikini top with jean shorts.  Body chains can go over any swimsuit, one piece or two piece bikinis. Use the chains all spring and summer for your two piece clothing ensembles and to enhance your wardrobe in general.  A World Swimwear representative informed us about the new styles coming out this spring. The new designs will include headgear, thigh chains, choker body chains, chest chains and suede pieces.  We are looking forward to grabbing a few of these sexy jewels for Coachella. If you have not already gotten your tickets to Coachella, I am sure there are plenty of other festivals to attend and have people turning their heads in admiration. Every time I wear a World Swimwear belly chain I always get stopped and asked about it. Many guys want to buy the belly chains for their girlfriends and wife's. Once you put any of these beautiful creations on you will immediately get attached to it.   

Belly Chain's belly chain sterling silver

Have you been looking for a belly chain that you can customize to your own liking? Well look no further, World Swimwear has sterling silver belly chain jewelry that is so hot. Each piece is a hand made masterpiece bursting with colorful jewels. You can choose different types of stones and even have the belly chain made to fit your exact measurements.  World Swimwear has offered body jewelry since their opening in 2008 and their collection ranges from belly chains, body chains, chest chains, thigh chains and anklets.  What we love about World Swimwear are their classic designs. They have created pieces that are dainty but durable enough to withstand the rough ocean.

Anklets and Thigh Chains 


You can just about find an anklet anywhere jewelry is sold these days. Ankle bracelets have been on the market for a long time. However, World Swimwear created  the chandelier drop anklet that is adorned with crystals on a sterling silver chain.  We also love the dangling crystal anklet that looks like it was made for a Moroccan queen. The anklets are simply stunning. The jewelry designs are created to make subtle statements and can be layered to create more dramatic results. You will not find these sterling silver pieces, that are each created with materials from the earth, anywhere other than at World Swimwear. You will look cute and worry free of lead and other toxins often found in cheaper jewelry. They even offer matching designs to their body or belly chains. 









                 Belly Chain



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