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Quick and Easy Spring and Summer Outfits

Posted on May 25 2018

Even the most organized, time managed fashionista needs a quick easy outfit. The kind of outfit that makes you look well put together instantly. A variation of what I consider to be a staple piece, these quick and easy outfits are bail-outs. These items always look good on your body no matter the time of month. It is a guaranteed satisfaction feeling every time you put it on. This quick and easy outfit can be worked into different occasions and sometimes even seasons. Its a fact, the more of these easy but adorable outfits that you have, the easier getting dressed will be.

Last Minute Invite - Casual

Last minute invites for a casual event leads me to think that JEANS are acceptable. You can easily dress jeans up with your choice of tops and shoes. If the event seems a little nicer than jeans, then I suggest a casual jumper. This jumper can go from day to night or be specifically dressed for either.

tan strapless pant jumperyellow off the shoulder long sleeve spring summer shirt

 After Work -

It is easy to get lost in the day to day routine of getting dressed. This is especially the case when your professional life has wardrobe restrictions. When it's time to go out and do something fun, you might find yourself struggling to create the perfect look.  Here are some fun and easy ways to incorporate work attire into fun personal looks.

This navy pant is a great example of taking a summer pant from the office to the streets.

navy split pant


Festivals and Concerts-

Got a spontaneous urge to see a band or have a cancellation invite? This is when you can determine right away what state your wardrobe is in.Concerts are whimsical. I typically choose free flowing clothes and comfortable shoes when attending festivals. Concerts can be quite fancy, so it just depends on who and where.

two piece short set for summer festivalflowing maxy dress for summer festivals

Keeping an up to season wardrobe does have rewards. The benefit is most noticed on the last minute "life happens" occasions. The feeling of I am ready for whatever and where ever this summer takes me. That is a good feeling.

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