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Trendy Work Clothes For The Office

Posted on November 29 2016

Mix up your work wardrobe with these cute clothes to help you create trendy office attire. Besides showing up on time and knowing how to actually perform your job, looking good at work is important. When you look good you actually feel good. Having cute work clothes makes it easier to go straight from work to enjoy social after work activities. These office appropriate outfits are cute for happy hour, after work meetings, out to dinner with friends or even an after work date night.

Ladies Sexy Suit Jacket

 sexy ladies suit jacket

One of the best wardrobe investments you will make while working in an office is to get yourself a sexy suit jackets. In order to be deemed as a sexy suit jacket the jacket must have certain attributes. I always look for a good fit. A tailored ladies suit jacket that hugs your waist line is the goal. The other attribute that I look for is a good length.  A shorter length suit jacket will give a more youthful look while the longer blazer will give an older more mature style. The last thing is just personal preferences like colors, material and buttons. I typically like cotton, silk or linen textiles.

embroidered ladies suit jacket

As a designer and stylist I see the suit jacket as a professional shield of armor. This shield helps to guide my overall look. Typically if you have a piece that is not office appropriate alone, suddenly by pairing the piece with a suit jacket, it can now fit into an office setting.

A suit jacket can also be used to dress up a look. A plain white tank top and jeans can become a super cute polished look with a suit jacket and pumps.

Tips: Black suit jackets can be used to make your own suit. Find a matching skirt or pant to create a full suit look.




A Dress Fit for the Boss Lady

sexy front zipper cream dress

A dress made of a wool blended soft textile to keep you luxuriously warm in the colder climates. This sexy sweater dress is adorned with gold zippers that function as both pocket and main closures. The textile has texture created with vertical embroidered lines designed for rich character. Pair this sweater dress with some opaque tights for a more conservative environment.

To uphold a professional image at the work place can be an endeavor that some may have to appease. Wearing fashionable clothes into a work office can be fun and can gain you some initial respect.  First impressions are highly rated in business. When you dress smart it is an outward manifestation of your mental capability. Dressing professionally can make the perception of you appear more in charge and has been shown to heighten receptive cognition. Keep your style natural to the environment by wearing clothes that are not restrictive or unsafe for your job.  As a woman, we can wear pretty dresses to work and still look professional. We do not have to be in a suit.  Don't be afraid to embrace your feminine side while making those big boss lady decisions.

Soft Wool Mini Skirt Leather Trimmed

Made with soft wool with leather trim this skirt is filled with rich texture and design.

 sexy mini wool work skirtYour wardrobe may need this type of mini skirt shake up. A mini skirt at work, one might ask? Yes, why not... If you have a desk job and are not doing any labor intensive duties then this wool mini is a good fit. Pair this mini with a tailored suit jacket, turtle neck, cardigan or kimono. You will discover how useful a mini skirt is for those work days when you have after work plans.


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