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Front Zipper Sweater Dress

Posted on December 06 2016

This Seasons Must Have Dress

Step into the softest blended wool sweater dress on the market that features an open front zipper for easy put on and take off. The two front pockets are fully functional for items like cash or cards and lipstick. The front pockets are secured by zippers to complete the design. A perfect sweater dress that can be styled for dressing up on a night out, professionally in the office or even casually for whatever the occasion is.

Soft Pink Sweater Dress

soft pink sweater dressBrighten up the room by injecting some color into the drab colors of winter clothes. This sweater dress, in our soft pink wool blend, will also brighten your mood because of the positive attention you will receive while wearing it. This soft pink is compatible with many staple colors like black, beige and brown making this sweater dress an easy fit with your existing wardrobe.  When you wear this dress be prepared for the "I love your pink dress" compliments. 


Cream Sweater Dress with Gold Zippers

cream beige front zipper sweater dress

Staying neutral has great benefits when you want to add your own pop of color. You can achieve changing up the look by using colors like red, or keep the look simple and muted with camel, navy and olive tones. If you have a limited wardrobe and need to add pieces that you can change up dramatically with different accessories, this beige sweater dress will be a must have for you.


Navy Sweater Dress with Gold Zippers



We took the navy sweater dress to the next level by using gold zippers which brings this navy color to life. Yes, you can make navy pop.  Not an average or basic sweater dress, however, it is an easily styled garment and can be worn in different ways including casually. The zippers add a luxury to the garment giving the dress a distinctive design which separates it from the other sweater dresses. A navy piece in your wardrobe, if you do not typically wear navy, will prove to be a good investment. Navy is a fall, winter and spring color that is easily paired with browns, whites and reds.









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