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Faux Fur Coats Stylish and Warm

Posted on November 27 2016


It is never cute to be cold. With these super cute chic coats, there is no reason to have a chill. Keep your look hot with these cool big coats.

On A Budget - Cheap Big Coats

cream faux fur big coatGood for small frames and body types that do not want to feel swallowed up in a bigger coat. This look is on the market for under $40.00. It will keep you warm and looks very chic. It does not have the chunky and obvious fake fur look at first glance. This look can be worn with a very high end dress or even dressed down with jeans. This is versatility in a big coat.  The care and upkeep on this kind of faux fur is relatively simple (spot treat). Typically with a cheaper faux fur jacket the liner will need to be replaced at some point. Overall, great buy.

Splash of Color - Faux Fur


seafoan faux fur jacket

News Alert... All fashion enthusiast get yourself a faux fur in a cool, easy on the eyes bright color like sea-foam. Do not be afraid to try something new.  We are not saying to go out a buy a big bird yellow faux fur like Rihanna has been sporting around. Fashion should be like selecting a good novel, if it interest you pick it up and try it on.

Tip: Select bright colors that are easy on the eyes like blues, and deep reds. If you are very bubbly and love making trendy statements then go for the pink and bright yellow faux furs.

two tone faux fur vestanimal print faux fur Timeless Prints of A Faux Fur

There is a lot of beauty in a faux fur over the real thing besides the lack of animal cruelty, and that is the man made prints.  Man made prints can be a replica of the real thing and in some cases its just a really cool design. We fell in love with the two tone faux fur and the man made black and white prints. These items are an easy find and should be considered if you typically wear earth tones.

Classic Black

black faux furWhenever in doubt, choose black. Unless you are going to an all white party, this black faux fur should suffice to all occasions. This coat would be worn on many occasions when the weather turns colder and you still need to be fabulous. You will look back years from now and say, wow I still love this coat. Faux furs are very easy to manage, spot treat for stains. If your coat gets smelly, take it to a professional dry cleaner for a good overall wash. This stylish coat is a must have for any cold environment.  While you are keeping warm and looking chic, pat yourself on the back for saving an animal at the same time.

you still need to be fabulous.

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