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2017 Fashion Trend Alert

Posted on December 18 2016

Leather Bracelet Jewelry

leather braceletssexy leather jewelry

Making leather into wearable jewelry is a tradition that has been in America since the Native Americans. The natural material is a tradition that was used in African cultures dating back to over 40,000 years ago. Wearing jewelry was a way to express wealth and ones standing in society.  History repeats itself as does fashion. Using the same skills and techniques of the past to create a modern piece is what makes this new trend awesome.  We are in love with the idea of wearing leather as jewelry and this can be a less toxic alternative to fake metals.

Inner Seam Ankle Zipper Pant

inner zipper jeans

This look is not a never seen before trend, however, having the zipper located at the inner seam is not as common.  This is an evolution of the ankle zipper skinny jean. Though the change in the location of the ankle zipper is subtle, when paired with an eye popping shoe, puts this look on trend. To keep a modern collection of jeans and pants, this is a great piece to add to your wardrobe.


How to select the perfect eye catching shoe to make your inner seam ankle zipper pant pop? Start with a sexy bright color or a color that is in contrast to the color pant. Bright colored stiletto’s as a pop of color came on the fashion trend about a decade ago and is still in effect.  The evolution of this trend is not to limit the shoe to only a stiletto. Mix up the shoe style with Mary Janes, Loafers, high heels and even flats. The main idea here is to go for color and pizzazz.

Round Shape Sunglasses

rounded shape sunglasses

These round shades will have you feeling like a modern day hippie. The metal frames with a smaller diameter will especially make you feel like you are from the 60’s and 70’s.  Sort of like the shades worn by the legendary John Lennon. If you are going for a more sophisticated look try the shades with the larger circular diameter. Circular shape lens can be worn on many shape faces. However, any  particular round shape should be avoided if your face is small and round.  

The Olsen twins are best known to currently wear this style of sunglasses.  


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